Project Description

STIRPE – Towards a system of intelligent transport in residential and pedestrian areas

The project is part of the “Smart, Sustainable and Integrated Transport” Challenge framework document noted in the “Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020”. The aim is to make progress in resolving the difficulties which currently prevent autonomous vehicles from being a viable alternative to conventional transport. In this regard, the project has the proposed three main objectives:

  • To establish and validate a testing environment for autonomous vehicles.
  • To improve sensing systems, with the common feature that they combine heterogeneous information sources and, separately, devices.
  • To advance issues of energy sustainability and efficiency. Consideration is given to providing a service using a fleet of the relevant vehicles.

To address these objectives, the project is presented as a coordinated effort, with a team comprising:

  • The University of La Laguna (ULL) Robotics Group, GRULL.
  • CICEI, Information Centre for a Knowledge-based Society.
  • ITER, Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy.