ITER’s Renewable Energy Division comprises the departments of Photovoltaics, Wind Power and Sustainable Architecture. Its lines of work feature renewable energy projects to help increase the contribution of “the renewables” to the island’s energy mix, as well as promoting energy efficiency and sustainable building techniques.

The main activities of this division is research, development and innovation (R&D) in the field of the renewable energies. Several R&D projects are being developed, focusing on the study and improvement of ways for obtaining clean energy from the main natural energy resources available in the Canary Islands. Thus, the priority study areas have been: the research in third generation solar cells, characterized by their potential high efficiency capabilities and low manufacturing costs, the development of smart grids to optimize the power supply, the integration of renewable energies in buildings and the development of advanced techniques for sustainable architecture and town planning.

This division also offers a series of services, among which are the design and manufacture of equipment (photovoltaic modules, structures, inverters, etc.), including project development for renewable energy installations, for which it has Project Management teams, a Center for Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Installations and an official Power Generation Control Center (in Spanish CCG-ITER).

This division is also working on development of cooperation projects via technology transfer, with the ultimate aim of improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of developing countries through the use of renewable technologies.