Una historia ligada a la promoción del desarrollo sostenible y la innovación.

May 2015

Establishing the CEDeI

18 May, 2015|

The Centre of Excellence in Development & Innovation (CEDeI) is launched, with plans to develop a training programme aimed at promoting employment in the technology sector. It aims to train 160 people and directly contract [...]

March 2015

October 2013

March 2013


12 March, 2013|

The launch of the Photovoltaic Cells Laboratory (SiCellLab), a dedicated scientific and technological facility specialising in silicon thin-film cell fabrication and characterisation processes.

June 2012


11 June, 2012|

The deployment in Metropolitan Area finishes with the adaptation of the infrastructure to the needs of the operators.

January 2012

May 2011

March 2011

Generation control centre

26 March, 2011|

Launch of the Generation Control Centre, which enables ITER to feed the power generated from renewable technologies into the national grid in an optimal way.

March 2010

December 2008

EURO-SOLAR Programme

5 December, 2008|

During 2006-2012, we acted as technical advisors to the European Commission on renewable energy and the environment for the EURO-SOLAR programme, which aims to install 600 system kits for providing 100% renewable energy across eight [...]

May 2008

Solar aircraft

12 May, 2008|

The launch of a new line of research into Remote-Controlled Solar Aircraft, whose specific applications, such as surveillance and disaster management, are of great interest.

April 2008

Photovoltaic modules factory

1 April, 2008|

The launch of the photovoltaic modules factory, with an annual production capacity of 60MW. The modules are used in our projects, but we also sell them.

December 2007

SOLTEN II platform

26 December, 2007|

The 11MW Solten II photovoltaic system starts up, operated by the firm Solten II Granadilla, SA. This is owned by private investors and ITER, which is responsible for promoting, installing, operating and maintaining the system.

October 2006

August 2006

SOLTEN I platform

2 August, 2006|

We launched SOLTEN I, a 13 MW photovoltaic platform consisting of 130 100kW photovoltaic units sold to small investors. ITER acted as developer, installer, operator and maintainer of the system.

June 2005

TEIDE-100 inverter

20 June, 2005|

We designed and developed the Teide-100 inverter for connecting photovoltaic systems to the grid, offering a peak performance ​​of 98.6% efficiency.

January 2004

March 2001

May 2000

Wind tunnel inaguration

11 May, 2000|

ITER inaugurated a wind tunnel for civilian applications, namely for aerodynamic research in a number of R&D fields, such as agriculture, civil engineering or renewable energy.

October 1999

November 1998

EUCLIDES project

15 November, 1998|

We started up a photovoltaic concentration plant, based on the 480kW EUCLIDES TM prototype. At that time, it was the world's largest to have ever been connected to the grid.

Unveiling the technology trail

9 November, 1998|

We opened the Renewable Energies trail, which was groundbreaking in Spain as a facility for educating and raising awareness regarding renewable energy.

July 1998

April 1997

March 1997

ITER’s Environment Division

10 March, 1997|

We opened an ​​Environment Division focused primarily on volcanic hazards, underground water resources, environmental quality, earthquake monitoring and prediction, and geothermal exploration.

January 1996

Adapted apps

17 January, 1996|

We launched a line of work related to the development of computer applications for people with special needs.

March 1995

25 Bioclimatic Homes

21 March, 1995|

We celebrated the international competition "25 Bioclimatic Homes for the island of Tenerife". 397 projects from 38 countries were presented at the competition, which was endorsed by the International Union of Architects.

October 1994