Project Description

Projects financed within the frame of the Transnational Cooperation Programme Madeira-Açores-Canarias (MAC) 2014-2020

The Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies participates in 3 projects, being the main beneficiary in 1 of them approved in the first call of the Transnational Cooperation Programme Madeira-Açores-Canarias (MAC) 2014-2020.

SOSTURMAC project – Sustainable revalorization of the natural and architectural heritage and development of low carbon tourism initiatives in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde (MAC/4.6c/115) 

  • General objective: Promote sustainable actions that put in value the natural and architectural heritage of the area of cooperation, promoting its conservation and providing added value to its offer of sustainable tourism and culture.
  • Partners: Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables, S.A. (ITER), Agencia Insular de Energía de Tenerife, Fundación Canaria (AIET), Fundación Centro Internacional para la Conservación del Patrimonio (CICOP) , Ministério do Ambiente, Habitação e Ordenamento do Território, Câmara Municipal de São Filipe. Ilha do Fogo, Universidade de Cabo Verde, Instituto Nacional de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Agrário , Parque Natural de Fogo.
  • Budget: 935.567,26 €
  • ERDF Co-financing (85%): 795.232,171€
  • Priority axis of the PCT MAC 2014-2020: Axis 4 – Preserve and protect the environment and promote the efficiency of resources.
  • For more information: SOSTURMAC project.

PLASMAC project – Cloud platform to improve the socio-health care attention of the Macaronesia region (MAC/5.11a/197).

  • General objective: Improve socio-medical care offered to the population of the Macaronesia through a set of technological tools clumped in a cloud platform that allows: the creation of a control panel where to share information and foster the participation and collaboration.
  • Partners: Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (líder), Instituto de Atención Socio-Sanitaria de Tenerife (IASS), Ayuntamiento de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables y Universidad de Madeira.
  • Budget: 640.690,79 €.
  • ERDF Co-financing (85 %): 544.587,18 €.
  • Priority axis of the PCT MAC 2014-2020: Axis 5 -Improve the institutional capacity and the efficiency of the public administration.
  • For more information: PLASMAC project.

VOLRISKMAC project – Strengthening the capacities of r&d for monitoring volcanic activity in the Macaronesia (MAC/3.5b/124).

  • General objective: Strengthening capacities for monitoring volcanic activity, with the purpose of improving the early warning systems for volcanic eruptions and seismic volcanic crisis, as well as the management of volcanic crisis in the Macaronesia.
  • Partners: Instituto Volcanologico de Canarias (INVOLCAN), Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER), Agencia Insular de Energía de Tenerife (AIET), Centro de Vulcanologia e Avaliação de Riscos Geológicos da Universidade dos Açores (CVARG), CIVISA – Centro de Informação e Vigilância Sismovulcânica dos Açores, Insitituto das Florestas e Conservação da Natureza (IPRAM).
  • Budget: 1.590.032,51€
  • ERDF Co-financing (85 %): 1.351.527,63€.
  • Priority axis of the PCT MAC 2014-2020: Axis 3 – Promote the adaptation to climate change and the prevention and risk management.
  • For more information: VOLRISKMAC project.