Project Description

Modelling workshop

ITER has a modelling workshop for making the models that are to be tested in the wind tunnel, as well as the prototypes developed by the company.


  • CAD/CAM technology: three-dimensional modelling and production of prototypes, moulds and miscellaneous tools.
  • 3D printing: additive manufacturing technology using thermofusible materials, which is particularly apt for producing small prototypes.
  • CNC milling: used to make implements and prototypes in medium-to-high resistance materials, such as plastics, wood, aluminium, copper, etc.
  • Composites: coupled with the ability to make tools using CAD/CAM technology, the workshop has several means of manufacturing the tools needed to make parts and moulds in composite materials, using epoxy resins and polyester, reinforced with fibreglass, carbon fibre or Kevlar.

When the demands of a project exceed the capabilities of the modelling workshop, it works in collaboration with the maintenance department, which has metalwork, machining, aluminium and carpentry workshops, staffed by specialists of great experience