Project Description

Weather observation services

Services provide

ITER maintains an important weather database (with records since June 2011) which is available to users by formal application. The following table lists the type of data we hold and the cost of obtaining them:

Type of data Price per unit (Euros) Unit
Annual Gratis
Monthly (up to 2 years) Gratis
Daily (up to 1 year) Gratis
Hourly 60
10-minute breakdown 70
1-minute breakdown (raw data) 90
Data graph of weather parameters 7 Graph of 1-3 variables
Wind rose data. Tables. 7 Table
Wind rose data. Graphs 7 Graph

The meteorological variables collected by the two stations are as follows:

  • Torre station: Wind speed 25m and 45m above the ground (spot value, averages, minimum and maximum values); wind direction 25m and 45 meters above the ground, ambient temperature and relative humidity.
  • Solten station: Wind speed (averages, minimum and maximum values), wind direction, solar radiation (maximum, minimum and average values), ambient temperature and relative humidity.

The data can be requested in spreadsheet (Excel) format or as a table within a text document (Word). Delivery is by email. In cases where the files are too large to be emailed, access is provided to an internet address from which the files can be downloaded for a limited period.

Instant weather data are available on the ClimaTenerife website, as well as short-term (same-day and up to 2 further days) forecasts, presented as graphs or as a video, in the Forecasts section.

Service request

Applying for weather data from ITER stations must be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, specifying the required weather variables, level of data (hourly, etc) and time range.

A tailored weather forecasting service is also available. The forecasting performed using ITER’s Teide-HPC supercomputer includes wind speed and direction, solar radiation, temperature, relative humidity and rainfall.