Project Description

Urban regeneration and building energy renovation

Building energy rehabilitation and urban regeneration entails:

  • The rehabilitation of existing buildings with energy-efficient premises and measures that protect the environment.
  • Urban regeneration based on criteria of sustainable urban design, combining two main factors: efficiency and habitability.

Services provided

Building energy rehabilitation services feature:

  • Diagnosis and inventory of the building’s needs.
  • Preliminary assessments and feasibility studies.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of the building’s thermal envelope.
  • Improving layouts and connections, so as to improve the building’s habitability and internal flows.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of heating and lighting fixtures.
  • Replacing conventional energy with renewable energy.

Urban regeneration services feature:

  • Steering cities and neighbourhoods towards greater sustainability.
  • Proposals and solutions in the areas of mobility, energy and urban development.
  • Assessment and design urban regeneration plans featuring sustainability indicators.
  • Revitalisation of historic city centres, run-down neighbourhoods, run-down industrial estates and ageing or developing tourist areas, with a focus on energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Requesting a service

Requests for services are to be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, indicating the service required and the details of the applicant.

The request will be considered and budgeted on the basis of the details provided and subject to the applicant’s approval.