Project Description

Renewable energy projects and installations

ITER has over 20 years’ experience in the field of renewable energy, sustainable construction and energy efficiency. In the field of renewable energy, it has designed and installed wind and photovoltaic power generation facilities totalling 13MW and 41MW, respectively.

ITER’s multidisciplinary team as ample experience in engineering installation, operation and maintenance services, which ensures high standards of quality and innovation in our projects. Particularly the operating procedures related to the installation and maintenance of facilities, reduce costs, thereby maximising the profitability of the installation.

Similarly, ITER has developed a 24×7 centralised monitoring system which enables the continuous monitoring of available resources, thereby optimising the management and performance of the facilities.

Types of installations:

  • Installations connected to the grid.
  • Self-consumption installations.
  • Stand-alone installations.

Services provided

ITER offers a wide range of services that can be contracted independently or in the form of turnkey projects. These are:

  • Technical, legal and economic advice on photovoltaic stand-alone or grid-connected systems.
  • Technical and economic feasibility study.
  • Design and engineering of photovoltaic projects.
  • Administrative services.
  • Photovoltaic module fabrication
  • Manufacture of grid connection converters.
  • Custom-made design structures.
  • Engineering works.
  • Operation and maintenance services.

Requesting a service

Requests for services are to be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, indicating the service required and the details of the applicant.

The request will be considered and budgeted on the basis of the details provided and subject to the applicant’s approval.