Project Description

Photovoltaic installations

In line with its founding objectives and exploiting the opportunities offered by current energy policies, ITER has made significant efforts to promote the development of renewable energies in the island. Particularly in the area of photovoltaic solar energy, since 2005 ITER has contributed to the installation of around 41MW of generation capacity, either owned directly or on behalf of third parties, acting as developer, installer and maintainer.

Worthy of note from a technical perspective is that ITER’s link-up to the grid has relied on the 100 kW TEIDE 100 inverter, designed and manufactured by ITER itself. As for their support structures, these too have been developed by ITER: fully modular and removable lightweight structures made in anodised aluminium, basically consisting of columns, beams and straps.

These systems are all operated using a comprehensive remote monitoring and control system designed and operated by ITER. Since 1 July 2011, the Generation Control Centre (GCC-ITER) is responsible for their running and, in compliance with RD 1565/2010, they have certificates of conformity to respond to voltage dips, issued by AENOR.

The most important projects include:

Solten I, a solar energy system located with the Granadilla Industrial estate. The facility comprises 130 100kW-rated photovoltaic plants, each linked independently to the low-voltage grid. Each of these facilities has a different owner, but is developed installed, operated and maintained by ITER.
Another success story is the Solten II Granadilla S.A. platform, which is owned by 308 shareholders, of which ITER, as well as co-owner, has been responsible for its development, installation, operation and maintenance.

In addition, ITER has installed facilities for third parties, both connected to the grid and stand-alone, totalling 2.1MW.

Facility name Nominal power Location Inverter Launch date Module producer*
SOLTEN I 13 MW Granadilla Teide 100 2006 Ky, So, I, Sh, Y, D
SOLTEN II 11 MW Granadilla Teide 100 In phases: 2007-2008 Ky, So, Is, Sh, Y, D
Finca Verde 9 MW Arico Teide 100 2008 Sharp
Finca Roja 5 MW Arico Teide 100 2008 y 2012 Sharp
D-ALiX 400 kW Granadilla Teide 100 2013 ITER
Bod. Comarcal Tacoronte 200 kW Tacoronte Teide 100 2012 ITER
MercaTenerife 100 kW Santa Cruz Teide 100 2008 Kyocera
Pilot plant 100 kW Granadilla Teide 100 2006 Kyocera

*Ky: Kyocera, So: solarworld, I:ITER, Is: Isofotón, Sh: Sharp, Y: YIngli, D: Deiko.

Facilities in other countries

With regard to its international collaborations, ITER has been involved in various types of renewable energy projects in a number of countries, mainly in the field of solar power. Most of these collaborations involve ITER conducting technical visits of the site, designing the facility and providing the necessary materials, as well as developing training materials for the local tender-winning provider. Subsequently, ITER is responsible for validating and monitoring the running of the facility. These facilities are specifically designed to take into account the local peculiarities of power supply-and-demand at national or regional level.

Facility name Type Nominal power Location Inverter Accumulation rate Autonomy Photovoltaic modules
Registro Civil Sor Stand alone with grid backup 3,465 kW Saint Louis – Senegal SMA 48V/465Ah 1 day 21xITER
Registro Civil Engalele Stand alone with grid backup 3,465 kW Saint Louis – Senegal SMA 24 V / 400 Ah 1 day 21xITER
MACSEN-PV project Grid connect with back-up 3,15 kW Dakar – Senegal SMA 24V/875Ah 4.2 h 18xITER
Ranerou project(Fordou) Isolated photovoltaic 1,17 kW Ranerou – Senegal Studer 12V/730Ah 3 days 9xITER
HYRESS project PV-wind and mini-grid 7,6kW Ksar Ghilène – Túnez SMA 48V/3000Ah 1 day 36xKyocera