Project Description

Electronics laboratory

Research, development and innovation are the mainstay of ITER’s work. This is the very philosophy that underpins the activities of the electronics laboratory. The laboratory is located in a building within the ITER complex. Its main area of activity is the design, construction and testing of circuits and devices based on analogue and digital electronics.

The high levels of competence and professional experience of our staff enable us to develop proprietary electronic technology. The facilities are dedicated, on the one hand, to developing and testing electronic circuits, as well as to producing them in small quantities. In addition, the laboratory provides support services to certain ITER projects and activities, with one of its main areas of work being the development of renewable energy conversion and storage systems.

Laboratory equipment

Circuit fabrication

  • Surface-mount (serigraphy, ‘pick & place’, reflow oven) and insertion (hand-soldered) technologies
  • Cable-processing equipment (cutting, peeling, fitting terminals)
  • Materials and components

Prototyping and testing equipment and tools

  • Circuit-design CAD/CAM software
  • Basic equipment: power supply units, metering devices, oscilloscopes, analysers…
  • Printed circuit prototyping workshop, using the chemical etching and milling methods
  • Circuit-prototyping component stocks
  • Power units: IGBT modules, high-power reactors, racks and miscellaneous plant
  • Energy conversion plant
  • General workshop
  • Capability for testing small numbers of photovoltaic modules
  • Connection to photovoltaic systems of power >100kW available


Given the nature of these designs, prototyping, testing and manufacturing activities, the range of applications across different technological areas is broad. In the event of interest in engaging our services for the development of a project, please contact us via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar.