Project Description

Meteorological stations

ITER has several meteorological stations for the measure of meteorological parameters such as wind, solar radiation, humidity and temperature.

On the one hand, the meteorological station “Torre” is located at UTM coordinates 351,180.54 – 3,105,916.74 at an altitude of 34 meters above sea level. All sensors are placed along a metal lattice tower of about 45 meters. The sonic sensor WindSonic, which measures the wind direction and speed, is located at the upper end of the tower, coinciding with the hub height of the wind turbines. The remaining sensors (cup anemometer, wind vane, and temperature and humidity sensors) are located at 25 meters high.

On the other hand, the Weather Station SOLTEN is located at UTM coordinates 350,115.35-3,106,285.03 at an altitude of 103 meters above sea level. This station is equipped with anemometer / vane, thermo-hygrometer, LM35 temperature sensor, pyranometer and a dirt detection sensor.

Both stations are real-time connected to ITER’s data service and are available for public consultation via the webpage ClimaTenerife.

Weather forecasting services

In addition, ITER has implemented a weather forecasting system to improve the management of its renewable energy installations. The predictions are calculated daily on the Teide ITER supercomputer based on the WRF (Weather Research and Forecast). This work is done in collaboration with the Earth and Atmosphere Observation Group (GOTA) of the University of La Laguna (ULL).

ITER´s weather predictions are available for today and two days after and are available on graphics and video, through Meteo TeideHPC section.

Detailed information of the weather variables collected by the two stations and by the weather forecasting system and the corresponding data series are available in the Weather observation services section.

Requests of historical data or any query regarding the meteorological stations, meteorological data and weather forecasting service, must be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar.