Project Description

Testing platform for assessing the performance of, and validating, prototype photovoltaic devices

The Energy Efficiency Monitoring and Validation Service is part of the Prototypes Testing Platform (P3) at the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy SA (ITER), which features all the necessary technological infrastructure to conduct research into the performance of photovoltaic devices being developed as prototypes.

The service consists of:

  • A 3000m2 facility dedicated to installing prototypes for testing in outdoor conditions.
  • Power supply and energy dissipation equipment
  • Weather stations and detectors.
  • Laboratories for developing auxiliary instruments.
  • Infrastructure for the monitoring, collection, processing and transmission of data.

Services provided

The services offered by the Prototypes Testing Platform are carried out in the following ways:

  • Bespoke service: This constitutes the most common type of testing request and the most appropriate for obtaining the most unbiased results possible. In this mode, an agreement is reached about where to locate the testing installation and the supporting resources required for the test, including the method for monitoring, collecting, processing and transmitting the data collected.
  • Partial service: This type of request is offered for prototype testing installations that require either the auxiliary equipment, and the monitoring and data-capture equipment or both. In this mode, the installation area is agreed, as well as the infrastructure needed to ensure the correct running of supporting equipment.

Requesting a service

Requests for services are to be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, indicating the type of service required and its details, and the applicant’s details.

The request will be considered and budgeted on the basis of the details provided and subject to the applicant’s approval.