Project Description

Connectivity services – Capacity carrier circuits

CanaLink is the first carrier-neutral operator to connect Canary Islands with the Spanish mainland through an undersea broadband connection. The aim of Canalink is to improve the quality and competitiveness of the sector by providing alternatives to current or prospective operators in the Canary Islands.

The CanaLink project has the following goals:

  • To liberalise the telecommunications market between the Canaries and the Spanish mainland, by opening the markets for Canarian firms abroad, and for outside firms into the Canaries.
  • To raise the standards of telecommunications services across the Canary Islands and beyond the archipelago.
  • To increase competition in the ICT services sector; to foster the entry of new players into the market; to end the telecommunications monopoly in the Canaries; and to reduce wholesale prices.
  • To strengthen the presence of the Canary Islands on the world map of intercontinental submarine communications.

CanaLink offers services to operators which in turn provide services to end users, by providing:

  • Capacity carrier services via submarine cables.
  • Operation and maintenance of undersea and terrestrial backbone networks.
  • Housing of telecommunications equipment in data processing centres (Andalusia and elsewhere on the Spanish mainland).
  • Turnkey projects of national or international undersea systems.
  • The supply and commissioning of telecommunication systems.