Project Description


In 2011, the Spanish national grid operator Red Eléctrica de Spain (REE) appointed ITER’s generation control centre (CCG-ITER) to act as intermediary between the electricity generation sector and grid control centres.

According to Royal Decree 413/2014, all facilities for generating power from renewable sources, cogeneration and waste, connected to grids outside the Spanish mainland, with an output exceeding 0.5MW (or with lower output as part of a collective of suppliers whose overall output exceeds 0.5MW), must operate through a generation control centre (CCG) and provide real-time output telemetry.

CCG-ITER hosts the services needed by renewable energy generation installations to comply with the provisions of the Royal Decree.

Services provided

Register at the Generation Control Centre (CCG) and real-time telemetry (TTR) service

This involves configuring the link between the generation system and the CCG-ITER servers; providing a connection with the REE to activate the functions of the TTR and CCG, operational and technical tests, and CCG certification.

Facility preparation for service

This is offered in cases where the facility does not meet the required infrastructural standards to activate the service.

Requesting a service

To enquire about contracting the services of CCG-ITER, please contact us via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, where we will guide you through the procedure.