Project Description

Tenerife TV channel

The Tenerife TV channel is the on-line television platform of the Tenerife island council, designed to provide multimedia content generated by this public institution, as well as live broadcasts via video streaming.

Under the Open Government Project, the channel is a key component of the island council’s commitment to transparency, providing an open window onto its work. The portal offers various forms of multimedia through a simple interface that functions like a television. The content is classified by creating channels covering specific issues of interest to the public, and through labelling based on keywords that helps to access the information easily and efficiently.

Content types:

  • Video. Videos produced by the island council, plus others of public interest.
  • Audio. Press conferences, radio programmes, etc.
  • Pictures. Photographs of significant relevance of events taking place on the island of Tenerife.
  • Documents. Minutes of plenaries, historical documentation, etc.

It is important to highlight the high compatibility of this platform with all browsers and mobile devices on the market.

All content is handled by a back-end that enables content to be uploaded and categorised in a simple way.