Project Description

Technical audits of photovoltaic installations

Optimal performance of a photovoltaic system depends on a correct design being achieved during the design phase, the correct installation during the implementation phase, and precise management of its operation and maintenance during the operational phase.

During this last phase, which lasts at least 25 years, the owner of a photovoltaic system will often not know whether the system is producing the levels of energy it was designed to produce, and whether specific circumstances might be affecting its potential to generate energy.

In this light, ITER offers technical audits of photovoltaic systems, which aim primarily to inform the owner about the system’s performance levels; detect and identify the causes of any lost output, and provide a report by an independent auditor which forms the basis for seeking potential output guarantees.

Services provided

Our experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems totalling more than 40MW, enables us to provide high quality service that is fully adaptable to the client’s needs.

The assessment reports we produce range from basic invoice-auditing reports to comprehensive analyses of the performance of a photovoltaic system. These analyses use in situ measurements and checks; radiation-based data collection checks using calibrated photovoltaic cells; string-level checks; hot-spot detection using a thermographic camera, etc.

Requesting a service

Requests for services are to be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, indicating the service required and the applicant’s details.

The request will be considered and budgeted on the basis of the details provided and subject to the applicant’s approval.