Project Description

Energy audits are systematic procedures for gaining understanding the energy consumption of an installation, and for identifying and assessing opportunities to save energy, from a technical and economic standpoint.

Audits provide:

  • Knowledge of the current energy situation and of the performance and efficiency of existing equipment and facilities.
  • Data on the main electrical, thermal and comfort-related parameters.
  • Analysis of the options for optimising the supply of electricity, fuel and water.
  • Analysis of the potential for incorporating renewable energy.
  • Potential improvements and the means of appraising these from a technical and economic perspective.

Our energy audits meet the quality standard UNE EN 16247 on energy audits, produced by Standardization Technical Committee 216 of the national standards agency AENOR.

Services provided

Our energy audits entail the following procedures:

  • Initial phase: we consider the installation’s situation, the type of business, its location, its environment, its energy supplies and energy-consuming systems.
  • Development phase: we collect data on the key parameters, analyse related documentation and consider any scope for improvement.
  • Final phase: we explain the proposed set-up, including the technical and economic audit report, detailing the changes needed to achieve the potential energy, economic and environmental improvements identified by the audit.

The services we offer are aimed primarily at the following sectors:

  • Energy audits for buildings.
  • Energy audits for industrial installations.
  • Energy audits of public lighting.

Requesting a service

Requests for services are to be made via the APPLICATION section at the sidebar, indicating the service required and the details of the applicant.

The request will be considered and budgeted on the basis of the details provided and subject to the applicant’s approval.