Project Description

Adapro – Adaptive Processor

Adapro is a multiplatform and multi-user word processor, adapted for people with disabilities such as dyslexia or autism. Its adapted, transparent and configurable interface provides an environment that inspires sufficient security to keep your attention. The features designed to improve familiarity with these tools include:

  • Configurable at end-user level.
  • Effortless document management on the part of the user.
  • It meets usability and accessibility requirements.

Adapro also stands out for its special features:

  • Pictograms: helps the user by displaying a pictogram when writing a word (+10000 pictograms available and expandable).
  • PBDQ: automatic highlighting of the letters PBDQ to help the user distinguish them.
  • High contrast modes: combinations of background colour and fonts to improve contrast.
  • Virtual keyboards: extended to generate tasks tailored to the needs of the user.

Adapro is an ERDF project funded under the EU’s Transnational Cooperation Programme Madeira-Azores-Canaries (PCT-MAC). It is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. It has been designed to run from a pen drive, without prior installation, as long as the system runs Java, and can be downloaded free of charge thanks to its open-source licence.