We add resources to the production of sanitary protection material and to the diagnosis of COVID-19 cases

A COVID-19 analysis device has been made available to La Candelaria University Hospital and visors for protective screens are being manufactured for healthcare personnel. The Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies (ITER) has ceded a qPCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) instrument that facilitates the diagnosis of COVID-19 cases to the [...]

2020-04-29T16:07:07+01:0030 March, 2020|Environment, Renewable Energies, Technology|

ITER participates in the project EELabs: sustainable use of artificial lighting

The Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies (ITER) participates in the European project “Energy Efficiency Laboratories (EELabs)” that coordinates the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and aims to maximize the energy efficiency of new lighting technologies – mainly LEDs – while minimizing the effect of light pollution [...]

2020-03-06T12:59:37+01:006 March, 2020|Technology|

Ten new research projects have resolved favorably for ITER in the month of November

These new projects will not only open new research lines for ITER, but also continue with existing lines as the design and development of solar aircrafts or the volcanic activity monitoring systems. ITER will lead four new projects within the frame of the program Collaboration – Challenge of the R&D [...]

ITER presents during the “Fujitsu World Tour 2016” the genome characterization project in the Canary Islands

Mr. Manuel Cendagorta, Director of the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies, presented at the Fujitsu World Tour 2016 that took place the 25 May, the Genome characterization project in the Canary Islands which intendeds to implement a routine in the use of genetic data for the well-being of the [...]

2016-07-15T10:48:45+01:008 June, 2016|Technology|

ITER participates in the III Fair of scientific vocations and careers of the Canary Islands

ITER participates with the Tenerife Energy Agency (AIET) in the III Fair of Scientific Vocations and Careers of the Canary Islands with the objective of increasing the interest of young people in science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for the development of their professional future. This fair, whose third edition will take [...]

The Participants in the First Meeting of Women Parliamentarians Canary Islands-Africa visit ITER

ITER received on Tuesday, 17th May the visit of the participants of the first international meeting of women parliamentarians of the Canary Islands and Africa organized by the Parliament of the Canary Islands and the Women Foundation for Africa, which aims consider the role of women in politics, promote the [...]

ITER was visited by the students of the Master in Computer Engineering ULL

Students of the Engineering Master of the University of La Laguna visited ITER’s facilities on 22nd April as part of their training activities. This visit is of great interest for the students since ITER hosts, among other infrastructure, the Development and Innovation Excellence Centre (CEDeI), which provides excellent internship possibilities [...]

2016-05-23T10:45:46+01:0026 April, 2016|Technology|

ITER has been awarded with the Eneragen 2016 prize for best performance in terms of awareness and dissemination of renewable energy for its game Isla 100%

 The awards ceremony, organized annually by the Spanish Association of Energy Management Agencies - EnerAgen, was held in Barcelona on 21 April.  Coinciding with its 25th anniversary, ITER has been recognized the effort and dedication that lends itself to dissemination, education and social awareness on energy issues since its founding [...]

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