Project Description

Tango: H – Tangible Goals: Health

Tango: H (Tangible Goals: Health) is a motor and cognitive rehabilitation platform aimed at hospitalised children with disabilities. The platform has been developed through a collaboration agreement between ITER and the Interaction, Technology and Education Research Group (i-TED) of La Laguna University’s department of systems and automation engineering and computer architecture and sciences.

Tango: H bases its technology on Microsoft’s Kinect device, which uses an RGB camera and a depth sensor to identify the human body and its environment interacting with its information systems without requiring the physical contact of traditional control systems. Tango: H has two basic modes of play: single and multiplayer. In turn, in the multiplayer mode, two players can play simultaneously in a collaborative, competitive or sequential way.

The power of Tango: H lies in its activities design module. The designer that comes with the application allows us to create exercises that are tailored perfectly to the needs of the players, both cognitive and motor, enabling us to create exercises that are educational, recreational, rehabilitational or a mixture of these, with the ability also to almost immediately make quick modifications, if necessary.

Tango: H

  • Game options: individual and multiplayer (competitive and collaborative).
  • Controlling and classifying exercises, groups and players.

Tango: H Designer

  • Designer of personalised exercises.
  • Free physical and cognitive exercises.