Project Description

TEIDE 100 inverter

Whether it be for concrete end applications or to support other projects, , ITER has developed a range of products. Below are some which, although not marketed at present, have proven themselves marketable or useful from a technology transfer perspective.

The 100kW Teide 100 inverter for connecting photovoltaic systems to the grid

A 100kW three-phase photovoltaic inverter for connection to the grid. It can be used in systems of up to 900V (Voc) and 160A (Isc), at a nominal power of 100kW at 3X400V AC.

It is a simple and reliable inverter designed to optimize costs and efficiency. Efficiency reaches 98% at the nominal power rating.

They can be grouped in parallel grid-side to obtain higher outputs. The typical arrangement operated by ITER is one grouping 10 units into a transformer.

More than 400 units are currently in operation at various facilities on the island of Tenerife.

It offers a monitoring and control link using an RS-485 fieldbus and MODBUS-RTU protocol.

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Room with ten TEIDE 100 inverters, capable of injecting 1MW nominal into the grid.

A variation offering extended power: two independent units, of 160kW each, housed in a single cabinet.