Project Description

Software development services

ITER’s development department has a highly-qualified, knowledgeable and experienced team, capable of providing the best solutions to the custom-made applications needs of our customers.

ITER carries out R&D&i-related software development activities in collaboration with other organisations for internal use by ITER or under contract with third parties.

ITER’s experience in the field of application development covers a wide range of uses and capabilities:


Assistive technologies for people with special needs

Products like Dilo, Advant+, Tango:H and adapro, developed under ITER’s R&D programme in collaboration with various organisations, provide tools for improving the quality of life of people with special needs, by providing support for day-to-day activities.

SCADA systems

The development of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems has emerged as naturally complementary to ITER’s activities installing, operating and maintaining power generation facilities. This has given ITER an important knowledge base, and a set of state-of-the-art applications and tools for transmitting, monitoring, control and data analysis of a large number of electrical systems.

Specific control systems

The software applications needed to control, monitor and manage autonomous self-guided vehicles or that used in prototype solar aircraft or electric cars, stand out as a key component of R&D projects conducted by ITER. The innovative nature of the company and the need to be in permanent contact with the latest technologies supports the development of tools such as a passive facial recognition control system, which detects the presence of outsiders within a company, or responds to their presence in a controlled way, with a success rate of 90% among the scans it performs.

Integrated solutions

ITER’s knowledge base and capacity across a range of specialisms have enabled it to develop software that provides complex solutions across diverse hardware and software environments. Its developments include a virtual multimedia room in the form of an online television platform for the Tenerife island council, or the deployment of TV IP programme for ITER’s bioclimatic homes.

E-administration and Open Government

ITER’s close relationship with the Tenerife island council makes its IT solutions development work for it one of the company’s central pillars. Under this premise, ITER has developed corporate websites for several municipalities on the island, in some cases involving electronic administration functionality.

In the context of the Open Government initiative, and the international framework to equip public bodies with tools to enhance governance transparency, ITER has helped deploy the Tenerife island council’s online television platform, which features live streaming of plenary sessions and other notable events, while also saving and classifying its entire audiovisual output.

ITER has also developed a collaborative portal supporting its transparency drive, featuring a permanent “Open Island Council” section on its intranet site.

Business administration applications

The need to interact with ITER’s very management at all levels has prompted the need to operate specific applications currently on the market, developing the associated parameters, modules and connectivity applications. This has involved connecting business management systems with project management, document management, geographic information (GIS) and business intelligence systems, among others.


The projects by ITER’s development department have embraced the following capabilities:

Target market or sectors Government and public administration, private companies, telecommunications, renewable energy, adaptive technologies, etc.
Graphics and multimedia services Graphic design, web design, video editing.
Developmnet tools Visual Studio, Eclipse, Adobe Flash, NetBeans, etc.
Software engineering Software architecture, methodology and processes development, design specifications, configuration management, software documentation and technical specifications.
Programming languages C, C++, C#, Java SE, Visual Basic 6, VB.NET, VBA, VB Script, Unix Shell Scripting, Action Script 2 and 3, Phyton, etc.
Web codes HTML 5, CSS 3, javascript, Ajax, PHP
Frameworks Symfony, JQuery, Pylons, .NET
Mobile platforms Java Android, Objetive C, Multi-plataform
Methods, standards and APIs ADO, .NET, XSL, XML, SQL, JSON, Windows API, etc.
Code management SVN
Document management Alfresco
Business Intelligence Pentaho


In the event of interest in engaging our services for the development of a project, please contact us via the APPLICATION section in the sidebar.