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ITER has a multidisciplinary team of 200 professionals who represent the main source of value to the company. Here follow some of the people who are part of this team.

Ana Belén Felipe Herrera
Ana Belén Felipe HerreraDirector of Finance and Human Resources
“Our greatest asset is to count on a team that is highly technically-qualified and in continuous development, and our everyday challenge is to motivate them and ensure their wellbeing”.

Joined in 1998.

Guillermo Galván García
Guillermo Galván GarcíaDepartment Coordinator, Wind Energy
“I’ve been lucky enough to see the Institute grow into what it has become. It is a source of great satisfaction to be working for a better future.”

Joined in 1991.

José Barrancos Martínez
José Barrancos MartínezResearcher
“Working at ITER has allowed me to research in the Canary Islands and in many other parts of the world, continuously acquiring and sharing knowledge.”

Joined in 2004.

Natalia Rodríguez Valls
Natalia Rodríguez VallsDissemination technician
“I was able to complete my training by adapting my working hours to my doctorate, thanks to the flexibility that ITER offers”.

Joined in 2012.

Felisa Morales Socas
Felisa Morales SocasInformation Technology Technician
“The continuous development offered by the Institute has allowed us to keep up with the constant evolution of technology.”

Joined in 2002.

Daniel Delgado Toledo
Daniel Delgado ToledoOperations and Maintenance Technician
“Rotating between workplaces has enabled me to learn from my peers and increase my experience.”

Joined in 2006.

Manuel Cendagorta- Galarza López
Manuel Cendagorta- Galarza LópezManaging Director
“The structure of ITER is only minimally hierarchical. We encourage collaborative work and dynamism among the teams.”

Joined in 1990.